Do You Love Fashion?

Do You Love Fashion?

If you love fashion, you don’t want to miss the Sister House contest for the best-dressed girls in the cross-dressing and transgender women communities. This contest is all about fashion and what it takes to be a fashionista. I know that many of you are interested in looking your best as your femme self.

Tasi, the founder and Head Mistress of the Sister House site simply adores fashion. Many of you have read the articles on her site that help empower the cross-dressing and transgender communities. She ran this contest a few years ago with great results. This year is even going to be better with new judges, I am one of them, and sponsorship of the contest by the popular clothing company Choies, who is offering gift certificates for merchandise for the top three winners.

This contest is all about how you dress and your ability to assemble a fashionable outfit. It is not a beauty contest or judged on who passes the best. Everyone is welcome to enter this free contest, whether they dress part-time, full-time or if they wear a size 8 or 22, all members of the CD and TG community are invited to participate.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2016. Check out for more information on the contest. All of the instructions are on the site. Make sure to get your entry in. You don’t want to miss this fun event!

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