New Year, New Beginnings for the Transgender Community

New Year, New Beginnings for the Transgender Community

As we say good-bye to 2015 and enter a new chapter in our lives, I am reminded what progress we have made in the transgender community this year. It was a pivotal year for raising awareness on transgender issues, including all of those who identify as a transgender woman. This includes many cross-dressers who are part of the spectrum.

Television shows like I am Cait, I am Jazz, and Transparent are changing the landscape for the transgender community. It was the year for transgender themed shows which only gave us a glimpse on the issues concerning the community, yet was arguably a positive first step in introducing the world to a complicated and misunderstood life for those with gender issues.

But there is much to be accomplished in the trans community where tolerance for others who self-identify as a transgender woman is often strained. The term transgender was meant to encompass the transsexuals and the cross-dressers, yet many in the community are taking claim to the term transgender as being only to represent the full-time women who believe they were born the wrong gender. Many of the cross-dressers who have lived in the shadows were encouraged to be included in the transgender group, only to be told they were “not woman enough.”

The battle within the transgender community continues as to what a transgender woman is. Does it matter if a transgender woman ever receives reassignment surgery? Does it make her any less of a trans woman than those who do? And what about the cross-dressers who are dual gendered and when in their fem roles are looking for respect from their community?

If the cis-gender community really knew what was happening in the transgender community they would be more confused than they are now about what a transgender women really is. Instead of a divided community the transgender population needs to unite and respect one another. Only then will the trans community be fully respected and accepted.

So as we enter 2016, my hope is that we have open minds, a kind heart and love for each other.

To you all have a very Happy New Year filled with love, laughter, peace of mind and good health!!!

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