Normalizing The Transgender Community

Normalizing The Transgender Community

Is cross-dressing normal? Is it our fear or lack of understanding that causes prejudice toward this community? What is so wrong for a man to express his femme self? Is bi-gender a better description of cross-dressers or should cross-dressers be part of the transgender community, of which technically they are, but many are quite different than many who label themselves as a transgender woman.

There are so many questions, so many terms to describe a cross-dresser and so much confusion of who they are. Many are still in hiding in their homes or on select outings with the “girls”, for fear of being recognized. Though, I certainly couldn’t spot some of my closest CD friends as their femme selves, as they look very different than their masculine persona.

What is constant in our society is the lack of understanding of the transgender community, including the cross-dressers. Like any group, there are many types of people within their community. Even Caitlyn Jenner who has become the media favorite of the transgender community and self-identifies as a transgender woman, still has not had reassignment surgery, to my knowledge and has said she still wants to date women. Caitlyn is somewhere on the spectrum of the transgender community, yet should not be placed in a boxed definition.

What we need in our society is more exposure to the transgender community and not through only television, but in our personal lives. I have a friend who is a transgender woman, who presents as a woman full-time, now. She is a retired executive who has two children and is divorced.  We meet when we can for coffee and talk about many things. To me, she is just Lynda, an interesting person with a passion for life, not just a transgender woman.

So before we judge the way someone identifies as to their gender, we should get to know the person, not the label. It is something that needs to be addressed to break the cycle of prejudice and the over use of terminology to describe someone we don’t know.

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