Confessions of a Cross-Dresser: Part 2

Confessions of a Cross-Dresser: Part 2

Rachel continues the discussion on her journey as a cross-dresser while married with children and working in construction. This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Thank you, Rachel for sharing your story.


When did you tell your children about your cross-dressing? How did they respond?

We raised two children to be respectful of others and have kept my cross-dressing from them until we were sure they could keep a secret, most kids can’t. They were both around 20 years old when we told them and they have been very supportive and accepting as well.

Do you ever cross-dress in front of your children?

I have been out with one of them several times cross-dressed with no issues.

Is your wife supportive of your cross-dressing?

Over the years my wife has been very supportive and understanding about my cross-dressing. Yet, we are both realists. I can’t let certain people find out because it will embarrass other family members and could affect my career negatively. In life you simply shouldn’t do what is not in your best interests.

Do you go out dressed with your wife?

My wife doesn’t go out with me cross-dressed and I am okay with that. She has her things and I have mine.

Are you at peace with your cross-dressing? Do you ever want to know WHY you do it? Or is it unimportant to you at this point in your life?

I guess I accepted it in my 20’s, but it wasn’t convenient to do it very much with the kids around and long hours at work. It is now easier and I’ve been out more and have a buddy or “girlfriend”, if you will that goes out with me and we support and encourage one another.

If someone thought they could tell me why I do it, I suppose I would listen then probably laugh at them! I do it because I like it. I do it because it makes me feel good. I do it because it is the most fun you have with your clothes on. I love people. I love watching people, so imagine how much fun it is to watch them react to me. I have fun everywhere I go.

What would you like to see happen in our society I terms of accepting cross-dressing as a norm?

In a perfect world I wish you could wear whatever you want but people will never let that happen. Religion, customs and laws all over the world seem to control your choice of uniform that you must wear every day.

I think our society has accepted cross-dressing or has tolerated it. You can’t stop someone from laughing at you if they want. You just have to smile back and keep moving.

I joke with people all the time. I laugh with them.

What’s your stance on the “Bathroom issue” and should cross-dressers be able to use a woman’s bath when dressed as a woman? Any ideas on what should be done to address this?

As far as cross-dresser using the ladies room, it works for me. Some women are worried that a man in a dress is going to hurt their kids or spy on them in there. I get that. I never let my children go to the restroom alone. It hasn’t bothered me as a man when if a woman needed to use the men’s bathroom. I think it’s really easier for everyone if people that look like men go to the men’s room and vise versa.

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