Seven Gunn Says will discuss issues of entertainment and how it correlates with education. This blog is also created to make connections with entertainment and pop culture through unique perspectives. Information and analysis is key when evaluating and critiquing the arts. The educational component will be demonstrated through youth perspectives, psychology, and cultural awareness. As an educator, that's taught in NYC and Chicago and someone that has been involved in the entertainment industry, Ms. Gunn offers a unique perspective on how language, culture, music, television and film effect the community and our youth.

Okema "Seven" Gunn has been blogging for 6 years and worked as an educator for over 15 years in New York City and the Chicagoland area. She has written articles for Empire Radio Magazine, Exposure Magazine, and N'digo Magapaper. Currently, she works as an award-winning educator, blogger, writer/editor, and social media strategist. Also, she provides a unique spin on critiques...especially in film, theater, music, and television. She is a member of the Women Film Critics Circle (First National Association of Women Critics), African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), and the Community Council for The Black Harvest Film Festival at Gene Siskel Film Center.