Tiffany Haddish Steals the Show in "Nobody's Fool"

Tiffany Haddish Steals the Show in "Nobody's Fool"
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Nobody’s Fool is a slap-stick romantic comedy (written, directed and produced) by Tyler Perry that had me rolling. It was a nice break from the normal hum drum rom com flicks that I have seen this year. Tiffany Haddish steals the show… once again, as she plays younger sister, (Tanya) to Tika Sumpter’s character (Danica). I was entertained, but yet again, I am used to Tyler Perry’s style of writing, so I know what to expect (black love and black humor).

The story begins with an introduction to Danica and Frank (Omari Hardwick) as casual friends. Although Frank is nice, handsome, and owns a successful coffee shop in town, Danica is hardly interested. Frank doesn’t fit “The List” of all the desirable traits in a soul mate. The man of her dreams is Charlie, a guy that Danica has met online and never  met in person. Tanya and best friend, Kalli (Amber Riley) have doubts about the authenticity of Charlie’s true identity. Tanya although crazy, untamed, and aggressive seeks to find out the truth. She has the best intentions for her sister Danica and vows to seek avenge her sisters honor by beating up Danica’s former Fiancee, Bailey (Adrian Conrad).

We discover that Danica is slowly unraveling and hooked onto her internet boyfriend, Charlie (Mehcad Brooks). Everything falls apart when she finds that her dream man could be a fake or that she has potentially been “catfished” so to speak. The ending is not surprising, but there are a lot of unexpected twists that Tyler Perry throws into the mix.

In this film, Danica was really the only wishy- washy person in the bunch. But that meant that she had to make small changes over time and change her ways in order to find her dream man. This film is great example of setting real expectations and finding the right person for you. No man nor woman is perfect.

I also found that Danica let herself go after her she found out about the bad news about her man. (Her world came crashing down.) So many times as women, we let ourselves go after being damaged by a mate. Either physically or emotionally. Many times the next poor man is left to pick up the pieces or we choose someone unavailable. In her case, she never recouped after the first broken relationship. She just kept on moving and never had time to heal. It was fortunate however that Danica had her friends, sister and mother Lola (Whoopi Goldberg) to help her figure things out and get advice.

For Omari Hardwick, I felt this was a nice refreshing change of pace from his well-known gangsta character “Ghost” on the television show “Power”. Also, Whoopi Goldberg humored the audience with her laid-back, distanced momma approach. Eventually, she stepped in and addressed both her daughters for a girl talk about their father. This film really enforces the importance of the role of a father or positive father figure in a girl’s life. It can be what shapes positive or negative  images of  future relationships with men.

Overall, I think that this film was hilarious and relatable. Life may not always end the way you want it to, but somehow one comes out the end of it with a serious life lesson. Relationships work by being authentic, being vulnerable, and knowing what you want. Nobody’s Fool is about love in all the right and wrong places. I would describe this as a “a cozy and funny ‘black love’ story. I enjoyed the film, although it is not one of Perry’s best. I would give this film 2 and half stars out of 4. This film was distributed by Paramount Studios and production companies are Paramount Players, Tyler Perry Studios, and BET Films.

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