'Choke on That' The Series ( 2018)Review

'Choke on That' The Series ( 2018)Review

The series ‘Choke on That’ is from writer/director and co-creator Donte “Diesel’ Williams, both of whom were involved in the creations of ‘Not Another Zombie Movie’ and ‘Not Another Black Movie’. Davis and Diesel used a team of cast members from a Chicago talent pool of emerging and well-seasoned veteran actors alike. Here are some sketches that appealed to me the most.

‘Game of Things’- The opening sketch includes three couples playing a game. Each players writes down a secret on a piece of paper. Then, each person takes a turn guessing who the secret belongs to. As time goes by, eventually things become more complicated and chaos ensues.

‘Substitute teacher, Mr. Mc Nulty’- This sketch is about a man who enters into a sexual harassment class expecting to teach his adult students a thing or two. He ends up discovering more than he has bargained for, as his eyes are opened up to the realities of sexual escapades of men and women with fetishes.

‘The Stunt Double’- Donte hires a “mini-me” for Jay. The cast and crew love the new ‘mini-me’ and Jay feels upstaged. Later, the audience witnesses that events don’t turn out  in Jay’s favor. He discovers that having a stunt double is not all it’s ‘cracked up’ to be.

‘Is This Racist?’-In these sketches, Donte and Jay provide scenarios in which the characters have three or four choices of how they can react to a complicated and possibly dangerous situation. All of the choices are acted out to see what the outcomes could look like. These were eye opening and insightful pieces that allow the audience to think critically about the endless possibilities of choices and their multitude of consequences.

Their content is for mature audiences only. Other sketches in the series have included topics about awkward situations, bloopers, blunders, and regrets. Davis and Williams have been collaborating and making films over the past decade. These films fill a void for a specific niche audience. Their use of  satire is fresh and raw providing both everyday scenarios and addressing current issues of the day including, but not limited to prejudice, racism, sexual harassment, etc.

Overall, I felt like Davis and Williams have a promising future in the entertainment industry because they have found a solid audience and their productions get better with time. “Choke on This’ The Series was crude and vulgar, yet hilarious and witty at the same time. I did feel as though their work needed to be slightly more polished in some areas (such audio, graphics, etc), but I am looking forward to viewing their up coming work.

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