'Avengers: Infinity War' (2018): Emotions Run High with Universe Hanging in the Balance

'Avengers: Infinity War' (2018): Emotions Run High with Universe Hanging in the Balance
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Do we all live or do we all die? Who stays and who goes? You will not know the answers to these questions until you see ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. At first, I thought the movie was about fighting a war “infinitely” like ‘X-men’s Days of Future Past’. Time to throw down the gauntlet…so to speak?? But it really is about Thanos  trying to obtain six infinity stones (reality, power, time, space, mind,  and soul) into his gold-plated gauntlet, so he can save half the universe (by destroying it). The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy must assemble to stop Thanos from finding the stones and becoming the most powerful being in the universe. Literally, all hell breaks loose and the Marvel Universe is turned upside down. The story begins as Thanos (Josh Brolin) reeks chaos and destruction of everything in his path… while retrieving the power stone on an Asgardian ship from the planet Xandar. Writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley had the tremendous task of garnering the passion of all the previous movies into one power-packed story! Directors Anthony and Joe Russo are back at it again. Amazing cinematography by Trent Opaloch. This team of writers, directors, and cinematography have a great understanding of depth, pacing, and timing.

I have to say I have there has been quite a few naysayers and people that didn’t care for the film. But most people were highly passionate and enthusiastic about ‘Infinity War’. The story doesn’t fit the usual line of events because there are so many characters and events taking place simultaneously. There are also several planets where the battles take place. Will the Avengers be able to withstand the might of the Thanos “the terrible”? It turns out that Thanos is not completely evil…only partially…he makes deals when he sees fit, but most often not and quite rarely. You think he will have mercy on some things but he doesn’t. The things you suspect he won’t have mercy on…he does. Thanos is quite a complicated character and it was a delight to see that he had multi-layers as well-deserved villain of Avengers: Infinity Wars.
I dare not say what happens for fear of retaliation. If you are a Marvel fan of any kind, you will most likely suffer a most excruciating pain about the demise of one of your favorite characters, like I did.

Before going into the film, I had decided that Captain America was going to die. I guess I had it in my mind that I was going to yell out “Cappie No!!!” (I love his new beard and shield…by the way). Although, Cappie leads the team in many endeavors and is vital to the team he is not off limits either. Then, there’s Wanda the Witch, I wasn’t sure how vital she was to for the story to continue. She is very much needed because of her strength and spells, but how much is she needed in the grand scheme of things? I know that she and Vision “got a love” thang going on. I deduced that someone in the Guardians of the Galaxy won’t make it…I wasn’t sure. This is because there are just too many of them. I think maybe  Nebula, Drax, Rocket, or Mavis. Groot already died one time already. I wasn’t sure about Vision. It could go either way. These things I have deduced also. Spiderman, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther have to live because there are other movies coming out. Atleast 2/3 of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters must live for the next movie. You can tell me if this happens or not.There are sooo many characters in this film and emotions are running high.  Doctor strange wields his power of time  stone with the help of the Avengers to try to stop Thanos from getting to all six stones. Spiderman has an amazing little “spidey suit” and continues to look up to his mentor and benefactor Iron Man, Tony Stark.

There were some very humorous moments and some cheesy ones too. I appreciate the fact that they tried to balance humor with the amount of pain that this movie would inflict upon our audience. If you are faint of heart, this film is not for you. It will not turn out how you think! All bets are off in this roller-coaster of a Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie was like having a brain freeze with a Slurpee and then a straight shot of warm hot chocolate or Cappuccino and then the cycle continuing over and over again. My heart breaks and then hope returns, then it breaks again and then it returns. But do not fear my feeble friends! This is not the final end. People can be revived….(I think) and anything can happen (or not).
Also, to put things in perspective, my father asked me, “What is the purpose of this film?” I answered, “To entertain and serve the fans of the MCU universe”. He added, “but there are people dying and homeless people that could be served with this money, etc”. Sheepishly, I shrugged thinking in my own Marvel fantastic way “There won’t be any planet earth left if the Avengers don’t save the universe by stopping Thanos from obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet!”

Overall, I have to say this was emotional rollercoaster for me because it’s been a long and amazing 10 year ride for Marvel. I feel like I’ve been invested in these films from the beginning. I have heard that people have left the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ film cussing, falling into a fit of rage, crying, laughing hysterically, and even taking a drink to calm their nerves. However, the case may be, Marvel has done a bang-up job with weaving an intricate detailed story and making it sensational. It was also clever not to have the cast know the ending and providing them with a fake script so they don’t spill the beans. How clever was that!? I have mad love for them and can only wait until Marvel’s Avenger: Infinity War Part II comes out so the MCU heroes can avenge their loved ones/friends….or not!?? I give this film 3 stars out of 4.

Cast includes but is not limited to:
Robert Downey Jr.-Iron Man/Tony Stark
Chris Hemsworth-Thor
Mark Ruffalo-Bruce Banner/Hulk
Chris Evans/Captain America/Steve Rogers
Scarlett Johansson-Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Benedict Cumberbatch-Dr. Steven Strange
Don Cheadle-War Machine/James “Rodney” Rhodes
Tom Holland-Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Chadwick Boseman-T’challa/ Black Panther
Paul Bettany-Vision
Elizabeth Olsen-Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch
Anthony Mackie-SamWilson/Falcon
Sabastain Stan-Bucky Barnes
Tom Hiddleston-Loki
Idris Elba-Heimdall
Peter Dinklage-Eitri
Benedict Wong-Wong
Pom Klementiief-Mantis
Karen Gillian-Nebula
Dave Bautista-Drax the Destroyer
Zoe Saldana-Gamora
Vin Diesel-Groot
Bradley Cooper-Rocket
Gwenyth Paltrow-Pepper Potts
Benicio del Toro-Taneleer Tivan
Josh Brolin-Thanos
Chris Pratt- Peter Quill/Starlord
Sam Jackson-Nick Fury
Maria Hill-Cobie Smolders
Danai Gurira-Okoye
Leticia Wright-Shuri
Winston Duke-M’Baku
Florence Kasumba-Ayo
William Hurt-Thaddeus Ross

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