Sometimes We All Just Need a Little Clarity


Have you ever read a sentence in a book or heard lyrics from a song that just spoke to you? I don’t mean that you heard them and related to what was being said or even that you really enjoyed the song… I mean that they really spoke to you. 

Yesterday I had one of those moments.

One minute I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair listening to a random song Spotify had recommended for me and the next I had clarity. The clarity that I had been needing for a while now and didn’t even know it.

It doesn’t matter really what the set of lyrics were or what quickly became clear in my mind… what matters is that at that moment I allowed myself to be present and available. Many times that is not the case for a lot of us. People go day to day, not actively living their lives… just doing the actions that they need to get through the day. Personally, I do it all the time.

And the saddest part? We all fall victim to this.

Life gets crazy and hectic. We get hurt, feel anxious, or get to stressed so we block things out. Sometimes it’s easier to just not admit that you have feelings about a certain aspect of your life or altogether just ignore parts you don’t want to deal with. We all do it… more often than we all want to admit.

We do it because facing things head-on is not easy. It’s difficult and messy. And honestly just genuinely really sucks. What sucks even more than the difficult and the messy is that so many of us can’t seem to look forward enough in the future to see is how good it’ll feel once we get past all the sucky. How genuinely good it will feel when you achieve that moment of clarity.

I am not sitting here telling you to pull all of the skeletons and deep dark secrets out of the closet… Trust me, I don’t want to deal with those either. All I am saying is that actively living and being present in your everyday life might just help you deal with those bumps in the road and challenges that you are facing. I mean look at me, yesterday I was consumed with an irrelevant person in my life and after listening to one song lyric I was able to gain the clarity I needed to deal with it.

And while I am not even remotely qualified to actually give advice due to the fact I am a 23-year-old just trying to adjust to being an adult and facing the realities of life (in a pandemic), I just thought I would share the impact that random song had on me yesterday while showering.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am dramatic, and yes I believe in far-fetched things… but the reality is (even if you don’t want to admit it) that you probably do too 😉

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