Don't let the conversation be one-sided


Woah, it has been a minute.

Partially because since the last time we talked I started my fulltime job and have been focusing on my responsibilities, and the other part being because when I am not being an adult I am in my bed. But lucky for you, here I am today to bless your feed and share with you all some thoughts that have been festering in this wonderful brain of mine.

Today, I want to talk about confidence. Before you exit this page and think this is going to be some cliche post, just give me a minute. This is not going to be your typical “love yourself” and “you should feel great in your skin” blog posts. Don’t get me wrong I believe both of those things and will preach that any day… but today we are going to talk about confidence in a way that I am not sure you all may view it. So here goes nothing…

Have you ever sat in a conversation silently and just let another person spew all of there thoughts about the topic of discussion at you?

Have you not shared or liked a meme/video/photo on Facebook that you relate with because you are afraid that your friend or people in general who don’t agree will see it? Especially in today’s world with all of the politic related content surfacing on our feeds.

Have you ever known how you deserve to be treated, yet you let an individual in your life continue to treat you the complete opposite?

How about you have something that has been bugging you but you never say it?

While these are only four examples of the many that I can think of, they will suffice in getting my point across. All of the examples provided above show how you are not using your confidence in your everyday life. Some of you are probably thinking, “Sam when have you ever not used your sass and handled these examples above?”

Well, let me tell you! I was not always this bold and confident girl that is sharing these insights with you today. And honestly, writing that previous line in this blog I just second-guessed myself if I should even say that… Who am I to think that I am bold and confident?

But that is exactly my point… There were people I let dictate my life, conversations where I just let others say whatever they wanted, relationships where I was treated poorly and not respectfully, and numerous thoughts that I had that I never shared or spoken about. It took time, reflection, a few mistakes, and bumps along the way to get to where I am. Nevertheless, I got here.

So what is my point you are wondering?

Do what you need to do to get to this point. Because I promise you that if we had a world full of confident adults who believed in their opinions, thoughts, ideas, and themselves – our world would be different. Our world would be better.

What it boils down to isn’t what side of politics you stand on, how you were raised, where you live, or any of the aspects that people focus on today… instead, it is about you taking all of those attributes that make you, you, and being confident in yourself to positively represent that in this world.

You have a voice and you have an opinion – in all aspects of your life. Use it! You don’t have to be forceful or bossy and others don’t have to agree with you. Just be confident in yourself that you are doing what you can do in your own life.

Don’t let the conversation be one-sided. Respectfully, share your opinion and demand respect back if those opinions differ. Share that photo that resonates with your beliefs on Facebook, cause truthfully who cares if somebody doesn’t agree. If something is bugging you or somebody is treating your poorly, SAY SOMETHING.

Have confidence in yourself and the way that you are living life. I promise it will be all that more enjoyable.


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