Just take it one day at a time


A couple weeks back I introduced you all to a young girl with big dreams. 

If you didn’t read that blog post, *SPOILER* that young girl was me.

These last few months really truly challenged all of those young girl’s dreams she had for her future and hurt her heart while she thought she was watching them disappear. With ending school so abruptly, moving home and not having luck securing a full-time job the voice inside my head was nothing but negative.

BUT, here I am to tell you that life did its thing again and surprised me.

I truly don’t know why I am shocked because forever I have heard the saying that “life has a plan of its own,” but in my heart, I always thought that strong-willed little girl’s plan was the end all be all, no matter what life had planned.

And here I am to tell you that boy, was I WRONG.

I have learned a lot of lessons in my life, but over the last few months, I have really been able to reflect and learn throughout the hardships and difficulties that I have faced.

One of these lessons being that what you might think is best for you, really might not be what is best.

What exactly do I mean?

I was so stuck and focused on moving somewhere after graduation that wasn’t home because I thought it was the best move for the next part of my life, when in reality that was not the case at all. Would I have loved a new city, new people and a brand new chapter to write? Absolutely. But here I am, in a familiar place with a support system and people who love and care about me, a new job combined with living at home that allows me to be financially stable, while still allowing me to write that next BRAND NEW chapter of my life. So yes, life came in and showed me what was best for me at this time, even if at first I didn’t see it.

I would be absolutely lying if I said that I wasn’t still trying to figure out all areas of my life, but learning this lesson has truly allowed me to breathe and realize that eventually, everything will fall into place.

And my hope for all of you? I know that I am by no means the only one who has been challenged throughout these last few months. It hurts my heart knowing the difficulties and hardships that some of you have faced. But seeing life help me out and lend me a hand when I needed it gives me hope that it too will help you.

Just take it one day at a time.

Everything will work out!

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