Anybody else feel like the world is out to get them?

Sorry. That statement was SO DRAMATIC. (I know my flaws! Lol!)

But really, does anybody feel like the world is just challenging them at this point in time?

These last couple of months have been difficult for all of us for a multitude of reasons. The world is just going through A LOT. And through going through all of that everybody keeps having the attitude that “it’s just life.”

I will be the first to admit that I am so sick of hearing “it’s just life.” That isn’t enough of a reason or excuse for me anymore.


(This might be coming off sassy, and truthfully – it should. I feel very passionate about this.)

Instead, I have chosen to be in charge of my own mindset and my own life.

I have chosen to find the lessons that I am being taught from these situations and scenarios and grow from them.

I have chosen to not give in or give up just because the outcome isn’t what I wanted or hoped.

I have chosen to get through this bump in the road, no matter how bumpy it gets.

I have chosen to continue finding the positives. (THEY ARE OUT THERE!)

I have chosen to put more effort and energy into the things that I do. (Be strategic. Have a purpose.)

I have chosen to make a difference in my OWN life.

I have chosen to SUCCEED.

If you are feeling this way lately because of everything going on in the world, please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. But also know, that at some point in this crazy life… you need to make the conscious decision to choose you.


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