You deserve it!

There are two types of people in this world… The distasteful and plain eaters that hate mayonnaise and the superior individuals who enjoy the good flavor and taste of the condiment.  I hate to say this, but that statement has absolutely nothing to do with today’s blog content. I just truly will never understand those... Read more »

You can't make people care

Throughout these stories and life chronicles that I share with you all, I tend to go over lessons I have learned, insights I may have happened upon, and share challenges I have encountered and overcome. And within these posts, I often share the important and influential people in my life that help me get through... Read more »

If I want to do it, I should do it…

I made spaghetti at 9:30 this morning and I don’t regret it… Often in our lives, we look to others for reassurance. It isn’t that we don’t know how we feel, it’s that we are afraid of what others might think about our actions and our decisions. Does this outfit look good? Do you think... Read more »

Sometimes We All Just Need a Little Clarity

Have you ever read a sentence in a book or heard lyrics from a song that just spoke to you? I don’t mean that you heard them and related to what was being said or even that you really enjoyed the song… I mean that they really spoke to you.  Yesterday I had one of... Read more »

We don’t live in a perfect world...

In a perfect world, respect is a given.  The downfall? We don’t live in a perfect world. Instead, we live in a world where many people don’t even know what the word respect means. Or if they do, they just choose to ignorantly not have any.  Disrespect comes in many forms. People are disrespectful to... Read more »

Today, I Am Happy!

I normally come on here and share with you some general insight that has come to me through a challenge or issue that I have been faced with. Well, not today!  Today I am just here to give y’all a quick little life update.  And for those of you who are thinking, who cares? That... Read more »

Don't let the conversation be one-sided

Woah, it has been a minute. Partially because since the last time we talked I started my fulltime job and have been focusing on my responsibilities, and the other part being because when I am not being an adult I am in my bed. But lucky for you, here I am today to bless your... Read more »

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Remember your first day of class when the teacher would ask you icebreaker questions? Everybody would roll their eyes and dread every single second of it, especially when it got to be their turn. One of the questions that I remember almost always being a part of the icebreaker at some point was, “What is... Read more »

Just take it one day at a time

A couple weeks back I introduced you all to a young girl with big dreams.  If you didn’t read that blog post, *SPOILER* that young girl was me. These last few months really truly challenged all of those young girl’s dreams she had for her future and hurt her heart while she thought she was... Read more »


Anybody else feel like the world is out to get them? Sorry. That statement was SO DRAMATIC. (I know my flaws! Lol!) But really, does anybody feel like the world is just challenging them at this point in time? These last couple of months have been difficult for all of us for a multitude of... Read more »