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Believing in Santa

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I remember lying in bed on Christmas Eve thinking about Santa. The funny thing was I wasn’t really envisioning gifts or the way he would get in my house, I was just feeling so, so, good, and everything seemed magical. I always think about that when I... Read more »

It's time to waste some time

Like the rest of the population, I get a rush when I complete tasks and work toward my goals. I have dreams and a vision, and I get excited to move forward and check things off the list. But I simultaneously believe in wasting time.  I actually don’t like that language very much – I... Read more »

Balance is a living thing

Sometimes I add, but I forget how to subtract. Sometimes I realize there is a lot I want to do, but only so many hours in the day. Sometimes I remember that a brain can only hold so much, and that with every over-reaching “yes”, I risk something falling through the cracks. I support women... Read more »

Where joy really comes from

I picked up my daughter from Kindergarten today and she said, “I just feel so like me today….I love feeling like me.” As we walked to the car she held my hand, skipped, and hummed. Today she wore hand-me-down clothes from her sisters, some barrettes she found under her bed, and some bright blue shoes.... Read more »

Want to be happy? Be happy for others

It’s so common it has its own name: Schadenfreude – finding pleasure from the misfortunes of others. And although few will admit to it, it’s a very human experience.  If we see others fail, we feel better about ourselves. This is on full display in our obsession with the entertainment industry (build them up and... Read more »

3 Myths About Introverts

“Introvert” tends to bring up an image of a shy person in a corner, or an insecure person at home alone.  But over the years I have learned that introversion isn’t about shyness or insecurity, it’s about where and how you derive your energy. Extroverts tend to get their energy from outside stimulation, and introverts... Read more »

Back to school? Be here and roll with it

Back to school tomorrow and I am appreciating a beautiful afternoon with no schedule. Part of me grieves losing summer, it was definitely a good one, but part of me doesn’t feel like longing or being sad, it just feels like smiling and rolling with it. I do feel the natural anxiety of trading a... Read more »

Quit hurrying and notice: Lessons from The Fault in Our Stars

I finished the book and went to bed thinking about Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in our Stars, and I woke up thinking about them.  Not just their love story, but their worldview, the way they faced each day knowing that time was real. What is life like when you are sure your days... Read more »

Needing approval: The childhood wound that keeps showing up

When we were little, approval was essential for our survival. In our birth family we had to do and say what others deemed appropriate, and we needed approval so our basic needs would be met. Then socially we sought approval to create friendships. Peer relationships made us feel a part of something and connected us... Read more »

Wonder by R.J. Palacio: Why “kid” books are my new favorite summer read

So many books aimed at adults are so heavy and negative.  I know there are exceptions to this rule, but too many best sellers focus on pain, drugs, violence, and other assorted crimes and scariness – I’m surprised people can sleep at night. After having kids I decided I couldn’t stomach reading about yet another... Read more »