What is the difference between happiness and joy?

Happiness is a gift from a friend or a kiss from a child.

Joy is feeling love for someone and noticing when someone loves us.

Happiness is a day when things are going really well.

Joy is finding a way to laugh when things get too scary, or smiling at someone on the street, even when we are feeling heavy.

Happiness is a good beer and a great Chicago pizza.

Joy is realizing that we have access to food and water, all the time. 

Happiness is feeling the sunshine on a beautiful day like today.

Joy is knowing that the sun is always there, even when it’s cloudy.

Happiness is winning an award or getting a raise.

Joy is waking up every morning and doing what you love.

Happiness comes and goes.

Joy comes and goes, but it’s always a choice.

Happiness is an emotion, and emotions naturally change.

Joy is realizing, regardless of how you are feeling, that you are OK and things are going to be OK.

Happiness comes from things working out the way we planned.

Joy is knowing that the plan is bigger than our immediate desires.

Happiness usually comes from external circumstance.

Joy comes from inside; from being grateful and noticing what’s working.

Happiness is a wish.

Joy is a practice.

Happiness can be surface.

Joy runs deep.

Appreciate happiness.

Live joy.

These are just my thoughts today…feel free to comment and add to this list!

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