Five minute meditation for busy parents

You are in a hurry.

Even when you don’t have to be anywhere, you are trying to get somewhere.

You have been trained to be in a hurry, to move fast, to get a lot done in the least amount of time.

But you feel disconnected.  You don’t know what happened between waking up and going to bed, except that you moved fast and felt very busy.

Regardless, you know you’re not “here”.

And it feels like time is passing you by and the kids are growing up so fast.

It feels fast because your mind is always somewhere else trying to take care of something else.

You have to make a decision to be present for the present.  If you want to be here, you have to practice being here.

Take five minutes and choose an activity – something simple, like walking somewhere, anywhere, with your children.

But don’t just walk with them, walk at their pace.  Don’t pull them along, tell them to hurry up, or tell them to stop looking around – allow them to lead.

Your children observe the world, they stop to pick things up, and they use the curb as a balance beam.  They are in the moment – they move with their feelings.

So keep their pace.  Follow their lead or just slow down so you move at the same speed.

And when you hear your mind telling you this is silly, or you are wasting time, or what is the point of this?, just notice.

Notice your need to rush, move quickly, and not be present.  Notice it and question it.  Realize it’s a programmed response that keeps you on autopilot all day long.

As you notice, remember to breathe.  Breathe in and out to calm your mind and slow down your central nervous system.

Then when your children grab your hands, you will fully feel them grabbing your hands.  Then you can focus your full attention on their hands; the way they feel and the way they look.

Don’t create a story around the feel of their hands and don’t decide that it should or shouldn’t feel a certain way.  Just feel what is.

As you walk, smell the air, hear the birds, and see the trees.

Look at your children and take note of their face, their hair, their age. Look at their eyes and smile.

Smile at them and they will feel it.  They will remember you in that moment and you will remember them.

Practice this every day for five minutes a day.  In that short five minutes time will slow down, you will feel peaceful, and you will know your children.

And they will know you.


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  • I love this. How often my kids must hear me rushing them along, when in reality there is no hurry. Thank you for the reminder.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Thanks Yoga Mom. I have to remind myself everyday to "be" where I am.

  • fb_avatar

    one of your best yet. good job sweety.

  • In reply to Todd Adams:

    Thanks Toddy. xo

  • Well shoot, Cathy. I didn't know you wrote poetry. This was absolutely beautiful. I will try that with 2 yr old and 5 mo old that I'm "working" with. Thanks.

  • In reply to shayne:

    oh, that's a nice compliment - yes, give it a try and see what you think!

  • fb_avatar

    My 4-yo has been letting me hold his hand lately while we are in the store or going for a walk. So precious! Great tips, Cathy!

  • In reply to Kirsten Nelson:

    hand holding is the best! xo

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