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The romance of vintage

Astral Boutique, Etsy.com For those of us who love fashion, we recognize a very special relationship between owner and clothing. We buy items because they have their own personality, and hopefully do a very good job of reflecting our own. This is especially true of vintage, when the item has an even longer and sometimes... Read more »

Modern Vintage Chicago this weekend

Get some Dr. Scholls. It’s going to be a long day It’s that special time of year again. I’ve been saving my funds so I can blow a wad of cash on some amazing vintage for spring at Modern Vintage Chicago (not really — I’m physically incapable of saving money. But I definitely thought about... Read more »

Jane Eyre: Romantic minimalist

Jane Eyre: Romantic minimalist
The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed costume designer Michael O’Connor about his work for the reboot of “Jane Eyre.” To give the film a historically accurate wardrobe and a certain romantic aesthetic, O’Connor researched the era — the 1840s — thoroughly, used vintage materials whenever possible, and chose designs based on each character’s…well…characteristics. The result is... Read more »

Vintage Heaven this weekend

It’s that time of the month again — wow that sounds weird. But you know what I mean, Vintage Heaven is taking over Heaven Gallery in Wicker Park for a weekend of resale shopping. You know the drill: Multiple vendors will be selling their wares Saturday and Sunday, all afternoon. I’d be on the lookout... Read more »

Royal vintage, anyone?

Kerry Taylor Auctions British royalty seems to be imposing itself a lot on our senses lately. “The King’s Speech” took top honors at the Oscars, not to mention the tugboat full of awards it gathered along the way. Meanwhile, the U.K. is gearing up for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, complete with commemorative china... Read more »

Who knows how to sew?

Are you loving those clogs and flares yet? Because they’re back, whether you like it or not. Karen Leanne King/Etsy So here’s the thing about vintage clothes: They’re not always in the best shape. You can find a ’50s party dress that’s gorgeous and fits you perfectly for that wedding shower you have coming up,... Read more »

So, what do we think of vintage shoes?

Olive pumps from fairseason. Vintage accessories tend to be the reticent enthusiast’s middle-of-the-road: Wear new(er) retail and style it with Grandma’s brooch and a thrifted handbag. It’s a good balance for those who are out of their comfort zone in vintage. Shoes, however, seem to be a different breed. For one, shoes don’t age as... Read more »

Vintage coats are great, but...

Wool and fur “winter” coat from Sally Jane Vintage. Yeah, maybe in Atlanta. Still pretty, though. Because I am a shopaholic and masochist, I’m signed up for sale sites like Rue La La, Gilt Groupe and Ideeli, just because I want a daily reminder of things on clearance that I still can’t afford.  Yesterday I... Read more »

A perfect after-Christmas gift

I think at this point we’re agreed that style encompasses more than just the clothes in your wardrobe. Furniture, art, music and infinite personal preferences make up your projected self-expression — in short, you can’t spell “lifestyle” without “style.” So I think it’s fair for me to tread into other principalities besides apparel, so long... Read more »

It's that time of year...

paisley's such a nice girl/Flickr
As I’ve said before, it’s not really fashion. But it is vintage, and it’s an excellent and hilarious distraction at work while you’re trying to get through the last few days before vacation. That’s right: it’s the ugly/ironic Christmas sweater. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of my own ugly sweater party, at which I... Read more »