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Modern Vintage Chicago this weekend

Get some Dr. Scholls. It’s going to be a long day It’s that special time of year again. I’ve been saving my funds so I can blow a wad of cash on some amazing vintage for spring at Modern Vintage Chicago (not really — I’m physically incapable of saving money. But I definitely thought about... Read more »

Vintage Heaven this weekend

It’s that time of the month again — wow that sounds weird. But you know what I mean, Vintage Heaven is taking over Heaven Gallery in Wicker Park for a weekend of resale shopping. You know the drill: Multiple vendors will be selling their wares Saturday and Sunday, all afternoon. I’d be on the lookout... Read more »

Groupon's vintage deal

For those of you who participate in the glorious blessing known as Groupon, or those who are ready to test the waters, good news. Today Groupon is selling a $60 for $30 coupon for Vintage Charm, an (obviously) charming little vintage shop down in La Grange. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but La... Read more »

Put a little vintage in your Black Friday

Wrap sweater and leather skirt from Archives If you participate in the violent shopping orgy known as Black Friday, chances are you’re standing in line at Toys”R”Us waiting for the latest Tickle-me-Whatever having thrown an elbow at an old lady that just tried to butt in front of you, and you won’t read this post... Read more »

Anthropologie selling vintage jewelry

Sapphire & Moonstone Ring A lot of women with vintage sensibilities tend to find items that fit right into their wardrobe at Anthropologie. There’s something at once classic and retro about their clothes that seem to gel with any decade. Plus, they’re remarkably feminine and pretty. Anthropologie hasn’t graduated to vintage clothing (yet), but they... Read more »

Marni is now selling vintage...sort of

Design houses are starting to discover the allure of vintage, which is both good and bad for we vintage enthusiasts. Until December 2, Marni is selling some of their “vintage” items online to those with a few hundred pounds sterling to spare. Since the label was founded in 1994, the clothes would basically have to... Read more »

Two stylish notes for this weekend

Where are my party people? First of all, as you should know, tomorrow is First Friday at the MCA. The theme is “Bollywood,” which is completely awesome. I will be there in my usual disheveled splendor. Come talk to me about your (hopefully vintage) ensemble. I don’t bite…hard. Secondly, Vintage Heaven is having their monthly... Read more »

Some vintage designer shopping tips from down under

One of my favorite fashion blogs is Lady Melbourne, written by Australian writer and former designer Phoebe Montague. The blog is very smart and drips with Montague’s overflowing knowledge of fashion and shopping, as well as her very soft, chic style. Every Friday she does a video blog focusing on a different topic and lately... Read more »

Even at the end, Modern Vintage Chicago still delivered

In case you didn’t realize this, I am a procrastinator. Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow…or next week? Of course, this is a very unwise approach when it comes to vintage markets. You’ll hardly ever find more than one of anything, so it’s best to snap it up before someone else... Read more »

Sporty RAD Vintage opening this weekend

A birth is always a joyous occasion — the birth of a new vintage store, that is. Tomorrow is the opening of RAD Vintage, a new shop for our Andersonville vintage enthusiasts. The selection looks equal parts campy and sporty, with plenty of 70s and 80s cool-weather wear for all your weekend needs. They’re also... Read more »