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Vintage Heaven this weekend

It’s that time of the month again — wow that sounds weird. But you know what I mean, Vintage Heaven is taking over Heaven Gallery in Wicker Park for a weekend of resale shopping. You know the drill: Multiple vendors will be selling their wares Saturday and Sunday, all afternoon. I’d be on the lookout... Read more »

Vintage holiday shopping aplenty this weekend

If you’re like me, you’re extremely behind in your Christmas shopping and still not feeling the crunch as sharply as you should — in other words, you are a procrastinator. Given the deluge of vintage shopping events this weekend and the next, I’d say the time for procrastination is over. Tonight, Alysse Dalessandro of the... Read more »

Put a little vintage in your Black Friday

Wrap sweater and leather skirt from Archives If you participate in the violent shopping orgy known as Black Friday, chances are you’re standing in line at Toys”R”Us waiting for the latest Tickle-me-Whatever having thrown an elbow at an old lady that just tried to butt in front of you, and you won’t read this post... Read more »

Some guests followed the theme at this month's First Friday

I’ve been to a lot of First Fridays in my day, but I can say this month’s installation was the wildest and most crowded I’ve ever seen it. Forget looking at the exhibits — I had all I could do to extract fashionable people from the throng (and maybe procure myself some libation). The theme... Read more »

Two stylish notes for this weekend

Where are my party people? First of all, as you should know, tomorrow is First Friday at the MCA. The theme is “Bollywood,” which is completely awesome. I will be there in my usual disheveled splendor. Come talk to me about your (hopefully vintage) ensemble. I don’t bite…hard. Secondly, Vintage Heaven is having their monthly... Read more »

Even at the end, Modern Vintage Chicago still delivered

In case you didn’t realize this, I am a procrastinator. Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow…or next week? Of course, this is a very unwise approach when it comes to vintage markets. You’ll hardly ever find more than one of anything, so it’s best to snap it up before someone else... Read more »

MCA First Friday: Not 'Supernatural,' but definitely super chic

MCA’s First Friday was last week and, per usual, I was there snapping and drinking away. Though it was a bit less busy than usual, the crowd seemed extremely bubbly, perhaps enjoying the last dregs of summer warmth. The “Supernatural” theme was meant to evoke Halloween, which the fare most certainly did with sweet potato... Read more »

First Friday tonight at MCA, ya'll

Hey dudes. It’s the first Friday of the month and you know what that means: Rent is due. Oh, and it’s First Friday at the MCA. You know the drill: dress fabulous, show up, partake of the munchies, booze and adult craft table, and I’ll hang around and take pictures. Apparently the theme is “Supernatural.”... Read more »

Shop vintage for breast cancer

This Friday Sofia Vintage is partnering up with the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation to raise money for the foundation’s work. The boutique will be selling specially designed pink quartz and diamond earrings dreamed up by Dana Rebecca Designs, all of the proceeds from which are going directly to the foundation. In addition, 20 percent... Read more »

Leslie Hindman vintage couture auction this weekend

The thing about vintage auctions is that they’re almost as fun to attend as they are to participate in. There are some really unique items under the gavel — I remember last year there was a 1920’s men’s bathing suit that looked like something the Honey-Nut Cheerios bee would wear. But most of the items... Read more »