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A case for '90s vintage

If you don’t get why there are so many duds from the ’90s dominating vintage racks, you haven’t read this Wall Street Journal article yet. I particularly like the point about ’90s fashion not being too expensive — yet. Because you know that moment is coming, and any kind of shopping in a down economy should... Read more »

It's the all-singing all-dancing biannual vintage event....

Modern Vintage Chicago! Kind of the crowning event for all Randolph Street Market vintage hunters, it’s come around yet again. I find my very best vintage gems here, including  a Dries Van Noten gown I procured last spring and wore to every wedding this summer. Just LOOK how happy it makes me. That’s one joy-inspiring... Read more »

Vintage Heaven this weekend

Vintage Heaven is hitting up Heaven Gallery this weekend. Jenstyle, Dethrose and Penquiny Vintage are just a few of the vendors that will be there. Stop in and treat yourself to something even tastier than a pumpkin Frappuccino. Vintage Heaven, 1550 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Story, 12 – 6 p.m.

Comparing vintage watches

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about vintage men’s timepieces. Watches are a very specific area of expertise, and I can’t even skim the surface of its depths. All I know is some of them are pretty. The Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris is apparently a cult favorite of watch aficionados. So much so that fakes have... Read more »

Everyone starts somewhere

It’s in New York, but I love this story of how vintage shop owner Ellen Koenigsberg got her start with her popular shop Ellen. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, which is kind of how vintage shopping comes together, too. I’m also awed by how Koenigsberg manages to stock her... Read more »

Vintage sales coming to a daily deal site

We lead busy lives. Actual, physical shopping trips need to be planned out if we want to fit them in at all. Which is why a lot of us turn to sites like Rue La La and Gilt Groupe, which we can peruse from the comfort of our cubicles when the boss isn’t looking. Now... Read more »

Vintage fashion vs. Just being smart

Last week Christina Ricci was on the red carpet talking about her wardrobe. Apparently she keeps her clothes for at least seven years, which I assume — from the fact that this was even mentioned in an article at all — is a rarity for Hollywood types. Here’s what Ricci said: I asked my stylist,... Read more »

Randolph Street Market this weekend

Not too many of these left with summer winding down… Randolph Street Market is this weekend. Enjoy some vintage, antique and homemade shopping al fresco while the summer sun’s still shinin’. Advance tickets are $8 dollars online and $10 at the gate — and $3 online and $5 at the gate if you have a... Read more »

Kate Moss is giving back, apparently

Supermodel Kate Moss is giving some of her vintage duds away to charity. Well, not really charity. They’re going to a new online vintage shop, Hardly Ever Worn It. The site works like eBay, with buyers bidding on what they want. Only it’s just for designer and high-end resale. Not everything is completely unaffordable, but... Read more »

To read: Some good vintage advice

Let’s be honest: Good vintage shopping is hard. It’s so easy to get duped by a misplaced designer label, or get suckered into buying something damaged or that doesn’t fit if it’s cute or unique enough. And as much as we say we will, most of us will never repair, rebuild or tailor that imperfect... Read more »