The NHL's new 3-on-3 overtime is a gimmick

Thoughts from Ornery Man:
I get it – no one likes a tie game.  So a few years ago the NHL implemented the shootout if a game is tied after 5 minutes of a 4-on-4 overtime.  And for years all we’ve heard critics say is “it’s a gimmick” and “it’s a skills contest” and that it is the worst thing ever in any sport.
The NHL heard their cries.  And so this year, they’re going to try to reduce the use of the shootout by changing the overtime to just three skaters on each side.
And the critics of the shootout, the crowd that said it’s a gimmick, seem to love the new system.  These people are jerks. Three-on-three hockey is not hockey.  It’s a pick up game.  It’s a practice scrimmage. It’s an intermission contest.  It’s….a gimmick people!
Look, I get that any system to decide a winner is going to have some arbitrariness to it.  And I’m not here to defend the shootout.  In fact, I’ve got nothing constructive to offer about how to decide a game that is tied after regulation.  What I do have to offer is just the observation that 3-on-3 is a totally different game than what was played for the previous three periods.  And that’s every bit as gimmicky as 4-on-4 and the shootout.

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