Don't dress up like Patrick Kane this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and costume parties will be starting as early as this weekend.  Every Halloween we have some controversy where someone dresses up as something topical, but in an offensive way.  This year, you just know that someone is going to dress up as Patrick Kane walking around with an evidence bag or some other reference to his case.

I am extremely confident that I know what just about everybody will think of you if you do this:  “What a prick.”  Even if someone does find it funny, chances are most of those people will think, “Yeah, still a prick.”

After the massive circus sideshow of a couple of weeks ago, things have gotten very quiet on the Patrick Kane case.  But it’s still an active case.  He still remains under investigation, and he has not been cleared of wrongdoing. And even if the case is dropped before Halloween, that’s still no reason to trivialize the situation.

Sexual assault is just not funny, and to make fun of it is a sure way to offend and insult many people, men and women alike.  I really can’t relate to anyone who is not aware of this, or who is aware of this but would do this anyway. So, again, if you or someone you know is thinking of doing this for Halloween, you’ll be perceived by most people as an extraordinary jerk.

Dressing like Patrick Kane for Halloween is not a way to show your support for him.  For starters, he doesn’t need your support, and your support will do nothing but show you to be someone who has passed judgment without knowing all the evidence. And no, we really still don’t know anything definitive about the case. You may think you know, but the facts are still not clear. The reports of a lack of DNA evidence is not necessarily evidence of innocence, and the bizarre conduct of the accuser’s mother does not mean the daughter was aware of or involved in the deception.  This is not to defend or attack either side of the case.  We simply do not know where this is going.

If you think I have prejudged Kane or that I don’t understand “innocent until proven guilty”, you’re wrong.  The case against him certainly appears to have several problems, including the reports of a lack of DNA and the weird evidence bag hoax. But then again it seems uncontested that the accuser was at his house, that some Kane DNA was found on her, that alcohol may have been involved, and that the opportunity for an assault was possible.  I’ll repeat, we know just about nothing about what happened inside the house that morning, so it would be foolish to jump to any conclusions.

If you want to show support for Kane, feel free to wear his jersey or cheer him on at a game.  But dressing up for Halloween in a way that makes fun of a criminal investigation into sexual assault isn’t a good look.

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