Bob Verdi enters the Hockey Hall of Fame

Just a quick note: Blackhawks’ team historian Bob Verdi will be enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame today. This piece about the night the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010 is but one reminder why he is deserving of the honor.

The Blackhawks could march to another Stanley Cup

The Chicago Blackhawks will not win the Stanley Cup this year.  Or so says just about every one posting their predictions on Twitter and at It’s not hard to see why so few people think Chicago won’t repeat — other than their 12 game winning streak way back in January, they have not been... Read more »

NHL rightly closes investigation of "unfounded" allegations against Patrick Kane

Earlier today the NHL finally closed its investigation of Patrick Kane relating to the August 2015 rape allegation against him. As a practical matter, the NHL had to eventually bring closure to the matter – they had said they were investigating and they had an obligation to report that they were done investigating, even it... Read more »

Don't worry, be happy about the Blackhawks' salary cap hell

When it comes to talking about the Blackhawks’ salary cap situation for next season, there are two types of people: those smart and normal people who say “who cares, let’s focus on this season” and those CapGeek loving weirdos who say “yes, let’s speculate about the salary cap and future rosters now, before we know... Read more »

The Andrew Ladd Trade History, the Long Version

With the acquisition of Andrew Ladd, the Blackhawks can look to head into the playoffs with a solid roster. But it’s always fun to look backwards after a trade to try to figure out how we got here. And since Ladd has now been acquired by the Hawks twice, it’s even more complicated to try... Read more »

The NHL trade deadline could bring the Blackhawks help...for next year.

The NHL trade deadline could bring the Blackhawks help...for next year.
Despite heading into the All-Star Break with losses in three of their past four games, after winning 12 in a row, the Chicago Blackhawks look to be a strong contender for the Stanley Cup. The trade deadline is coming up in late February and GM Stan Bowman might indeed try to land some depth to help... Read more »

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a long way from ending their Stanley Cup drought

When I moved to Toronto from Chicago in 2002, I left a city which hadn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1961 for one that hadn’t won a Cup since 1967. I’m also a Cubs’ fan, so the adjustment to a city with a championship drought was an easy one. However, the Blackhawks of course won... Read more »

2015 Awards of the Year (Revised)

Apparently some people were upset that Serena Williams, and not a horse, won Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year award.  While American Pharoah and its stupid spelling had an amazing Triple Crown year, the fact is he is not actually a sportsperson, or any sort of person, not even a horseperson, which I think is... Read more »

The Blackhawks Do Not Have A Redskins Problem...Yet

An alternative logo for the Blackhawks has been getting some publicity this month, and some have started to wonder if the Blackhawks’ logo should soon be retired. Not so fast. While it has long amazed me how the Blackhawks’ organization has flown under the radar in many of the debates about whether Indian names and... Read more »

The Chicago Blackhawks managed the Patrick Kane crisis nearly perfectly

Now that the District Attorney has announced that he will not ask a grand jury to review the allegations against Patrick Kane, it has to be acknowledged that the Chicago Blackhawks’ handling of the matter turned out to be a textbook example of excellent crisis management. There may have been some luck, and it wasn’t... Read more »