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Don't Assume That I Hear Like You

Hearing devices can be life changing for some and with a severe hearing loss, wearing a pair of hearing aids can be a necessity. Speech and sounds transmitted through hearing aids or implants do not sound the same as listening through the ears we were born with, assuming that they were perfect from the start.... Read more »

Bathe Your Brain In Sound

  This year has been different as Covid has turned our lives upside down. With social distancing, life has become quieter for most of us. We are traveling less, socializing less and spending more time at home than ever before. With the lack of socialization, I worry that there will be an increase in cognitive... Read more »

The Challenge of Video Conferencing With a Hearing Loss

The last few months have certainly been challenging. We are all creatures of habit and we have been forced to jump outside of our comfort zone. We’ve had to find new ways to complete even the most ordinary activities like going to the grocery store or putting gas in the car. Perhaps the most impactful... Read more »

What Happened To My Hearing?!

  The sense of hearing diminishes as we age. And I’m not talking about baby boomers and beyond. During early adulthood is when we start losing ultra-high-frequency sounds which are not important for daily communication. Sounds that are audible during our teenage years, slowly diminish as we age. A while back, I read about a... Read more »

9 Tips For Communicating With Someone Who Has Hearing Loss

What You Can Do To Help? We are often asked how to communicate with someone who has hearing loss. If there is someone in your life who struggles with their hearing, here is a list of suggestions to make communication easier. Choose a well lit place to converse. Sit close and directly face the person.... Read more »

Can My Hearing Get Worse?

Oh no! Can my hearing get worse? A change in hearing can be concerning for anyone with hearing loss. When I’m asked, “Will my hearing get worse?”, my answer has always been, “Without having a crystal ball, I really don’t know.” Hearing that is lost as part of the aging process is unpreventable. Genetics will... Read more »

Love Your Ears

Your ears deserve attention. After all, hearing is one of your most important senses and if you think about it, hearing connects us to the world. Our ears allow us to stay safe in our environment. Hearing the blast of a horn, loud crash or even the drop of a glass causes us to make... Read more »

I Can't Hear in the Backseat of the Car!

When seated in the backseat of a vehicle, many of us struggle to hear the conversation coming from the front. This difficulty multiplies when the speed of the vehicle picks up. Much depends on the model of the automobile. Luxury cars tend to be quieter. Smaller cars are generally noisier. It truly is a combination... Read more »

Use It, Don't Lose It

As we age, there are so many changes to our bodies, ears included. Most often, hearing loss sneaks up on us. We are usually the last ones to notice that we need help. Someone asked me the other day, “Why should I get my hearing checked?” Here is the most important reason; untreated hearing loss... Read more »

Four Suggestions for Better Hearing

If you’re like me, missing the start of a conversation causes some embarrassment. It’s also harder to follow dialogue in noisy restaurants. Our ability to hear changes as we age. Add to that family history, noise exposure or any medical condition that’s related and voila, you have the recipe for reduced hearing. Here are a... Read more »