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Wearing a Mask with Hearing Aids

Wearing a Mask with Hearing Aids
Behind the ear hearing aids can pose a greater risk for loss. Removing glasses, flipping off a hat or hood, or removing a scarf are examples of how hearing aids can go flying off the ear. An active adult or child may forget to check that the hearing aid is still in place. Wearing a... Read more »

You can still connect with your Audiologist

You can still connect with your Audiologist
As we shelter in place, there are challenges to get even the simplest tasks done. The one thing to remember is that if you need help with your hearing aids, call your Audiologist. Even though we are not physically in the office, most issues can be resolved without a traditional office visit. Trouble shooting over... Read more »

Hearing Screening vs Hearing Test

We frequently see patients who have questions about hearing screenings. They want to know what makes a hearing test different from a hearing screening. A screening is typically free of charge. An evaluation most often comes with a cost. A screening simply put is pass or fail. Tones are presented at a set level and... Read more »

What if I don't like my hearing aids?

It’s not unusual for us to see a patient who is unhappy with their hearing aids. Better hearing is a financial investment as well as an investment of time on your part and the part of the Audiologist. If the right steps are followed, and communication challenges are clearly addressed, satisfaction will be maximized. Better... Read more »

Don't Put Off Better Hearing

“Why did I wait so long to see an Audiologist?” This is a question we hear repeatedly from satisfied patients. Most can’t believe how much they were missing and how easy it was to adapt to better hearing. We’re told that the reason many people wait is because the thought of wearing hearing aids makes... Read more »

Invest In Better Hearing

Any product you purchase is just that. It’s simply a product. A hearing aid is a perfect example. Simply put, purchasing hearing aids can be transactional. In the wrong hands, a improperly fit hearing aid can create a very bad experience. Ask anyone who is unhappy with their hearing aids. Those are the folks that... Read more »

Legalize Patient Choice

Audiology is in a very odd place in the Medicare system and we need your help. Anyone with Medicare Part B is required to obtain a written physician order before scheduling an appointment to see an Audiologist for a hearing evaluation. What’s ironic is that an Audiologist can evaluate and treat anyone between the ages... Read more »

To lease or not to lease

Leasing has been around for a long time. There are reasons that make leasing an attractive option. It’s a way to have something you want without actually owning it. Leasing allows you to upgrade to an item or technology level that you thought was unaffordable. It may come as a surprise to you that hearing... Read more »

To swab or not to swab. That is the question.

Were you ever told “Never put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear”? Although this is sage advice, we still hear the question, “Is it ok to clean my ears with cotton swabs”? Here are reasons why putting a swab into your ear is not always the best choice. Using cotton swabs dries out... Read more »

When our misses become messes.

We often joke about missing bits of conversation as our hearing changes, but do we consider the consequences? It’s not just about what we didn’t hear, because besides personal loss, we should consider the big picture. Our hearing impacts everyone around us. If you are a business owner, how would it appear to a customer... Read more »