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Can My Hearing Get Worse?

Oh no! Can my hearing get worse? A change in hearing can be concerning for anyone with hearing loss. When I’m asked, “Will my hearing get worse?”, my answer has always been, “Without having a crystal ball, I really don’t know.” Hearing that is lost as part of the aging process is unpreventable. Genetics will... Read more »

Don't Forget about Ear Protection

Don't Forget about Ear Protection
Damage to your ears caused by loud noise or music is irreversible, but the good news is that with ear protection, this harm is preventable. It’s always a good idea to keep ear plugs handy. Using tools for home improvement such as a nail gun or chain saw are loud enough to damage your hearing.... Read more »

Protect Your Hearing For the 4th!

With the 4th of July approaching, here’s my plug for ear protection, (no pun intended). This is a time when you know that you will be watching fireworks, so don’t forget to pack ear plugs. And use them! It doesn’t take much to destroy your hearing. There are written formulas for how loud sound needs... Read more »

3 Easy Things You Can Do to Keep Your Ears Healthy

3 easy things you can do to keep your ears healthy! I tend to be proactive when it comes to my health and well being. If there’s anything I can do to lead a healthier life, I’m all in. It may come as a surprise to you, but, there are steps you can take for... Read more »

Take Care Of Yourself And Your Hearing

  If you are a woman and you are grossly overweight you are at risk for hearing loss. If you are a smoker, you increase your risk of hearing loss by 70%. If you have cardiac disease, your chances of having hearing loss increase significantly. Diabetes and some medications can put you at risk for... Read more »

Turn It to the Left

Turn It to the Left
25% of school age children have hearing loss. Are you surprised? Gone are the days when after school, kids ran around outside, sat down with a board game, or played with a deck of cards. In most homes, kids are connected. They listen to media through their headphones at levels that are way too loud.... Read more »

You Can Still Love The Way Music Sounds With Ear Protection

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to snag tickets to see the Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field. Sitting in the upper deck, my jaw dropped watching how many people were not wearing ear protection. I know that many of you reading this think about the spongy foam plugs that muffle sounds when inserted. Those... Read more »

Make The Right Choice. Choose Ear Protection.

While watching the History Channel a few weeks ago, we came across a series called “Forged and Fire”. It’s a challenge for blacksmiths, bladesmiths and the like to create weapons and blades. The contestants are judged on creativity and durability of their workmanship. The audiologist in me is thinking, “Where are their earplugs? Why aren’t... Read more »

Let's Get This Party Started

I was recently at a party where the music was ear piercing loud. My brother in law called me a buzz kill as I measured the volume of music with a sound level meter app on my phone. It’s no joke. You can do permanent damage listening to loud music. I only wish I knew... Read more »

It's Only Rock and Roll and I Like It

I grew up listening to rock and roll. In my world, turning up those guitar rifts has always been a necessary evil. As good as it sounds, beware. Fact is, if you play music loud enough and long enough, you will do permanent damage to your hearing. If you’ve ever left a concert with your... Read more »