Anyone unhappy with the way they are hearing?

Anyone unhappy with the way they are hearing?

We all know that one person who struggles with their hearing. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you think of someone who is dissatisfied with the way they are hearing, an Audiologist can change that. It doesn’t matter where the hearing aids were purchased or if hearing was evaluated at another clinic.

Making the investment in better hearing is a big leap with a great deal of trust placed on the provider. Sometimes we make wrong decisions and that’s when it’s time to pivot and turn. Never accept inadequate resolution or disappointment. Make arrangements for a second opinion to set up for a good experience.

Not all hearing aids can be adjusted in every clinic. If that is the case, it is still possible to show what needs to be changed to develop a better outcome. This may require that the original provider be involved. Don’t be surprised if a repeat hearing exam is also needed.

We are all unique. An individual’s ability to hear and understand can heighten or limit results. There are instances where a hearing aid is not enough. Assistive technology or accessories added to the hearing aids can often make communication easier and sometimes these add ons are exactly what is needed.

We all have different lifestyles and abilities which makes it critical that expectations are realistic. An Audiologist should set you up for success, even if it’s taking baby steps. Turning on hearing aids is not the same as flipping on a light switch. Adjusting to hearing aids is a complicated process. We hear with our brain, and retraining takes both time and patience.

If you or someone you know has made the investment in better hearing, and are less than satisfied, seek out another provider. There are Audiologists that would love to meet you.

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