Interview Your Provider

Interview Your Provider

As with any health care provider, make certain that when you schedule an appointment to see an Audiologist, that you are at ease with the practice and provider you choose. It is a personal relationship that can last a lifetime and it’s important to feel comfortable where you go for care. It also helps to know what questions to ask.

Here is list to help determine if this is the right practice to meet your needs:

  • Find out how long the business has been in existence.
  • Ask how long has the Audiologist has worked at this practice. Are there multiple providers?
  • If you have a specific need regarding hearing or balance, find out if this practice can accommodate you.
  • Do they see children and adults?
  • Do they accept your insurance and what is the cost of service?
  • Ask about hours of business. Do they offer weekend hours? If you have an urgent problem can you be seen the same day? Is there flexibility to come in before or after hours?
  • Pay attention as to who answers the phone. Are you put on hold with music? Is it a live voice or do you need to be triaged to get to speak with someone?
  • If they diagnose balance disorders, can they also provide treatment?
  • What happens when the Audiologist is away? Is there someone available to help?
  • How easy is parking? Are there spaces close to the entrance?
  • Do they carry multiple brands of hearing aids?
  • Are real ear measurements used in the fitting of hearing aids?
  • Is there a test box to make sure that hearing aids are performing properly?
  • Do they offer loaner devices?
  • How many times can an average patient expect to come in during the year?
  • What makes your practice different?
  • Do you get your equipment calibrated annually?
  • How do you sanitize between seeing patients?

If you are not happy with the answers you get, take the time to interview another practice. Don’t settle for convenience. After all, you deserve only the very best care.

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