What Are You Really Missing?

What Are You Really Missing?

When we finally make the decision to have our hearing checked, it’s often because we are having trouble conversing with others. What we don’t think about are all the little things we’re not hearing. A grandchild’s voice. The turn signal on the car. The tea kettle whistling. The whisper of a loved one. Birds and insects. The microwave timer. The floorboards creaking or someone talking behind your back. Or someone entering your home. We don’t know what we’re missing until we actually hear those sounds again.

Hearing connects us to everything that surrounds us. It is important for the brain to be bathed in sound and straining to hear has a negative impact on the brain’s normal function. When we start leaning in and listening harder, we tax parts of the brain that are used for other purposes such as computation or cognition.

Giving up and sitting back is an equally bad habit and can eventually lead to isolation or depression. When our hearing changes, we need to be closer to the sound source in order to hear. When we don’t see what we’ve missed or hear what we missed, we don’t realize that anything has happened.

If you’ve been told you that you are missing conversation, if the television is louder than it used to be or if hearing conversation is difficult when you are in noisy places, see an Audiologist. It could be as simple as ear wax. You won’t know what’s at the root of the problem unless you make an appointment.

Don’t miss another word. Enjoy life to the fullest and hear all of the sounds around you. Sounds that you used to take for granted. Get your ears checked. We promise to take good care of you.

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