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Hearing Screening vs Hearing Test

We frequently see patients who have questions about hearing screenings. They want to know what makes a hearing test different from a hearing screening. A screening is typically free of charge. An evaluation most often comes with a cost. A screening simply put is pass or fail. Tones are presented at a set level and... Read more »

What if I don't like my hearing aids?

It’s not unusual for us to see a patient who is unhappy with their hearing aids. Better hearing is a financial investment as well as an investment of time on your part and the part of the Audiologist. If the right steps are followed, and communication challenges are clearly addressed, satisfaction will be maximized. Better... Read more »

Dogs Love to Eat Hearing Aids and Other Stories

Dogs Love to Eat Hearing Aids and Other Stories
Patients come into our office sharing tales of lost hearing aids or telling us that their beloved pets have gotten a hold of their hearing aids. It’s not uncommon to have a patient walk in the door with what once was an operable hearing aid, ridden with chew marks and chunks of missing plastic. Yes,... Read more »