Embrace Disruption!

Every industry has disruption and the hearing industry has certainly had it’s share. Next fall there will be a new class of hearing aids available for purchase. The Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act is coming to fruition.


The idea of over the counter solutions is not new. For many years we have seen amplifiers available for purchase without seeking the care of a professional. The difference is that the new class of devices will be labeled as hearing aids. Over the counter hearing aids will be FDA approved, designed for mild to moderate hearing loss and will be sold without the guidance of a professional. I believe that this new class of hearing aids will inspire more people to seek help.

Not everyone wants to pay for the care of a professional. If you decide to self treat my advice is two fold:

First make sure that your ears are clear. Have a physician or Audiologist check your ears for wax.

Second, invest in a proper hearing evaluation. These steps are always in the best interest of the consumer. Clear ear canals are necessary for good performance of any device and identifying the type and degree of hearing loss will assure that the right decisions.

Most professions have experienced disruption. See an Optometrist or choose from a rack of reading glasses. The dental industry has whitening products and prosthetics that can be purchased at the pharmacy or online. Podiatrists can create custom orthotics or you can choose an over the counter solution at most retailers. A lawyer can draft your will or you can copy one off the internet. A trainer can work with you to stay in shape or you can set up a home gym. The list is endless.

The common thread for professionals to endure and thrive in any industry is personalized care. Care that is face to face and individualized. The human touch is still a commodity that many of us seek and appreciate. But it is still nice to have choices.

When it comes time to treat your ears, see an Audiologist. We can guide you to make the right decision.

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