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I Can't Find My Hearing Aid!

Losing a hearing aid is devastating. After all, you’ve made a significant financial investment in treating your hearing. Here are some suggestions to help in the event of a loss along with a few tips to prevent a loss from happening in the first place. Loss or damage insurance policies Most professionally fit hearing aids... Read more »

Say Yes To Hearing Help!

  Having trouble hearing? If the answer is YES, then there is help! If a medical professional has told you that there is no help for your hearing, it’s time for a second opinion. When you seek advice from a hearing professional because you are having difficulty hearing and you are told that you can’t... Read more »

Why Can't I Wear One Hearing Aid?

It always amazes me how frequently this question pops up. Who would ask for a monocle when both eyes need correction? Yet when it comes to ears, it’s a common request. Our hearing is at it’s best when the ears work as a team and there are three major benefits. The first is better hearing... Read more »

Big Secret: If You Clean Your Hearing Aids, You Will Hear Better!

If you or someone you know wears hearing aids, when was the last time they were cleaned? I know that this may seem trivial, but hearing aids that are maintained on a regular basis will allow for optimal performance.   Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips and Tricks There are steps you can take at home to... Read more »