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Tips for Hearing the TV

Tips for Hearing the TV
Is there a friend or relative you talk to on the phone sometimes, and in the background their TV is blasting loud? Or do you like the TV louder than everyone around you? This is a call for help. Believe it or not, even a hearing aid wearer who is fit properly may have trouble... Read more »

Shopping for Hearing Aids: Be prepared

Shopping for Hearing Aids: Be prepared
As a consumer, it is difficult to know the right questions to ask. When someone calls our office for the first time, it’s common that the first question is about price or product. We get that. It’s usually all that the caller knows to ask. Our job is to educate so that you are an... Read more »

Tips For Hearing Better On The Phone

Whether you use a cell phone or land line, a common complaint is not hearing conversations clearly on the telephone. Most phones have a volume control but sometimes that’s not enough. When you hold a cell phone to your ear it makes a big difference where you place the phone. Cell phones have a very... Read more »

The Big C and Hearing

  If you or a loved one has undergone treatment for cancer, it is important to know that a variety of radiation and chemotherapy procedures can put you at risk for changes in hearing. Oncologists and surgeons, if you are reading this, please don’t wait until your patients complain. If your patients are at risk,... Read more »

Bargain Priced Hearing Aids

Everything you wanted to know about bargain priced hearing aids and were afraid to ask. We all know the old adage “You get what you pay for”. This is true with inexpensive hearing aids. I’m talking about the kind that we see advertised for a few hundred dollars. Here’s what you need to know. These... Read more »