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Flying and Ears

Tis the season to be flying. If your ears give you problems when you fly, here a few tips to help ease the discomfort. A little ear anatomy first. Your Eustachian tube connects your throat to your middle ear. Normally, the pressure in the middle ear space is the same as the outside air pressure.... Read more »

The Best Time to Get Your Hearing Checked

We always get asked “When’s a good time to get my hearing checked?” There are a few basic guidelines but we have always been of the strong belief that hearing care should be personalized. If you are 50 years of age or older and you haven’t had a baseline evaluation, take the time to schedule... Read more »

Hearing Aid Batteries

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hearing Aid Batteries and Were Afraid To Ask Anyone who wears a hearing aid needs a battery to power it. There finally are great rechargeable solutions. And if you’re lucky enough to wear Lyric, you’ll never have to change a battery! There are rechargeable batteries which are removable by... Read more »

Why Has My Hearing Changed?

As we age our bodies change and there’s no turning back. The odds are with us that our hearing will change too. A gradual change in hearing is a normal part of the aging process. A sudden loss of hearing is not. If you or someone you know reports a sudden loss of hearing, it... Read more »