Invisible Hearing Aids

No magic involved. There are invisible hearing aids.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Research shows us that when asked, 60% of potential hearing aid wearers want an invisible solution. That means that most of us wish for a hearing device that no one else can see. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is not possible, especially if you have a hearing loss that is mild to moderate in degree.

There are currently 3 choices for invisibility. The first solution, Esteem, is implanted surgically in the middle ear cavity. Second is Lyric, a product that is placed deep in the ear canal and worn 24/7 for 6- 8 weeks at a time. Lastly, there are invisible in the canal (IIC) devices that are removed and inserted daily. An IIC hearing system requires maintenance and is custom designed for each ear.

If your audiologist isn’t giving you these choices, there is a reason. Many of these solutions aren’t recommended because they are not a part of the practice’s portfolio of products offered. It’s impossible be the expert for every device. Ear anatomy may also be a deterrent to these invisible solutions.

If you’re in that 60%, I’d question if any of these solutions are right for you. And if the answer is no, get a second opinion. We want you to hear your best and feel confident. After all, these are your ears we are talking about.

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