What To Expect From A Hearing Test

A hearing evaluation is harmless. Have no fear.

There are no needles involved and you don’t have to study for it. It’s time that you schedule a baseline evaluation.

The audiologist will take a thorough case history. Your ears will be examined. You will step into a soundproof booth. Headphones will be inserted or placed on your ears.

You will listen for soft sounds and be asked to repeat back words that are really soft and words that are comfortable. The audiologist will also ask you to repeat back sentences in noise and to listen to some very loud sounds. If you have tinnitus, we may try to match it. Hearing protection should also be part of the conversation.

A baseline hearing test is an important part of your medical record. And if anything changes, we’ll know where you started. Schedule that appointment to check your hearing and learn how to protect your ears the right way.

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