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Get In The Loop. The Hearing Loop.

When you see this logo, the room you are about to enter has a hearing loop. A hearing loop is an amazing way to help you hear with greater ease. A hearing loop is simply an unbroken wire that connects to a sound system, allowing you to hear every word. You will find this available... Read more »

Changes in Hearing Sneak Up on Us.....

We don’t always notice that our hearing has changed. But trust me, everyone else around you does. Until you hear what you are missing, it’s hard to understand. I have a patient who came in for regular hearing checks. He didn’t do anything to correct his hearing until he turned around one day and saw... Read more »

Let's Get This Party Started

I was recently at a party where the music was ear piercing loud. My brother in law called me a buzz kill as I measured the volume of music with a sound level meter app on my phone. It’s no joke. You can do permanent damage listening to loud music. I only wish I knew... Read more »

What To Expect From A Hearing Test

A hearing evaluation is harmless. Have no fear.   There are no needles involved and you don’t have to study for it. It’s time that you schedule a baseline evaluation. The audiologist will take a thorough case history. Your ears will be examined. You will step into a soundproof booth. Headphones will be inserted or... Read more »