Get In The Loop. The Hearing Loop.

looping-logoWhen you see this logo, the room you are about to enter has a hearing loop. A hearing loop is an amazing way to help you hear with greater ease.

A hearing loop is simply an unbroken wire that connects to a sound system, allowing you to hear every word. You will find this available in movie theaters, a house of worship or perhaps in a public place. The idea itself is simple but requires much consideration and planning in large venues.

If you are a hearing aid wearer and your devices are equipped with a feature called a telecoil, it takes only the push of a button or the flip a switch to connect. Whatever comes through the microphone or sound system gets delivered through the hearing aids which have been adjusted for you.

If you’re not there yet with treating your ears and need help, you can borrow a headset from the venue you are at or you can purchase a variety of accessories that can connect to the loop. It’s a great way to hear every word.

When you are tired of sleeping through the sermon and asking questions during the movie or theater performance, talk to your audiologist about solutions that are possible. You will be amazed.

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