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Take Care of Those Ears

Most of us are familiar with the term macular degeneration. It’s a scary word that refers to damage to the eye. Damage that can’t be fixed.   Damage to the organ of hearing is also irreversible. When the fibers or cells die, they do not regenerate. We can’t change genetics or the aging process, but... Read more »

Audiology Wants You...

How would you feel if every time you needed to get your eyes checked at the optometrist, you had to ask for written order from your physician? Well, that’s exactly how my profession works once you reach the age of 65. Somehow, Audiology got lost in the Medicare Part B shuffle. Every time anyone with... Read more »

Can anyone else hear these crickets?

With the onset of dizziness a few years back, I remember making my husband crazy looking for crickets in our house. I was certain that there were crickets. Of course, I was the only one who heard them and it took searching every corner to realize that they weren’t anywhere but in my own head.... Read more »

It's Only Rock and Roll and I Like It

I grew up listening to rock and roll. In my world, turning up those guitar rifts has always been a necessary evil. As good as it sounds, beware. Fact is, if you play music loud enough and long enough, you will do permanent damage to your hearing. If you’ve ever left a concert with your... Read more »