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My Ears Are Ringing

Someone is talking about me. That’s what my mother used to say when my ears were ringing. Tinnitus or ear noises can be annoying. And you may be surprised to know that tinnitus can take many forms such as buzzing, whooshing, ticking, humming, music, even voices; the list is endless. Don’t worry if this describes... Read more »

Why You Should Get Your Hearing Checked

Tell Me What You Didn’t Hear Today   Most of us get our eyes and our teeth checked on a regular basis. We’re all busy but really, why isn’t hearing a part of normal care? Hearing is so very important and is an overlooked sense. Treated hearing loss has a host of positive consequences. Relationships... Read more »

Harley Davidson, Can You Hear Me?!

Now that winter has passed, it’s time to dust off that motorcycle.   If you are a biker, I bet that you have leathers, hopefully a helmet and other gear to protect you. Next time you hop on your bike, think about protecting your ears. Bike riding puts you at risk for losing your hearing.... Read more »

Dental Instruments Can Cause Hearing Loss

Dig Your teeth Into This One Dentists and dental technicians beware – your profession exposes you to noise levels that can permanently damage your hearing over time. This is damage that can not be repaired like bonding or replacing a broken tooth. Hand pieces are not as loud as they used be, but exposure to... Read more »

Earplugs Can Go A Long Way to Protect Your Hearing

Most people we talk to refuse to wear ear protection. Bartenders, bouncers, motorcycle buffs, commuters, musicians, sports fans … the list goes on. Protecting your hearing is easy. You just have to make it a habit. Types of Earplugs Foam Plugs Foam plugs are great when they are used properly. Each plug gets rolled in the palm... Read more »