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National Infertility Awareness Month: Eve's Journey

by Dr. Eve Feinberg People often ask me if I went into the field of reproductive medicine because I was infertile.  I actually think the opposite was true, I became infertile because of my medical training. I met my husband in high school.  We dated for 10 years before getting married.  I have always considered... Read more »

National Infertility Awareness Month: Courtney's Journey

by Courtney Marincsin ******* For years I was fastidious about taking my birth control.  I was slogging through law school, studying for the bar, slaving over clerking and finally landing my dream job.  Then, one day it was time to start thinking about having my dream baby with my dream husband who was my college... Read more »

National Infertility Awareness Month: Allison's Best Survival Tips

by Dr. Allison Rodgers It seemed to happen about twice a week.  Getting asked that question would feel like a sucker punch. I heard it everywhere….“So, when are you having another baby?” Usually it came from a co-worker, friend, or neighbor.  For them, this was as casual as: “what did you have for lunch” or... Read more »

it’s OK to not be perfect

I have to remind myself of this several times throughout the day. Especially when it comes to parenting and motherhood. My road to motherhood was a long and bumpy one that had detours and pit stops. I think because I had to go through so much to be a Mom, I put immense pressure on... Read more »

Guest Blogger: Why Waiting Is So Hard

A Sane Girls Guide is excited to introduce a new guest blogger today, Lisa Deck.  Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of the blog Before the Belly – which provides a voice for women struggling with infertility.  She is also an infertility “survivor” and mom to her son. ***** My name is... Read more »

Guest Blogger: An Active Moms Journey with Infertility

A Sane Girls Guide is excited to introduce a new guest blogger today, Cassandra Hawkinson.  Cassandra is a personal trainer and founder of Active Moms’ Club – which provides Chicago moms with prenatal and postnatal fitness classes they can bring their children to.  She is also an infertility “survivor” and mom to her twins. *****... Read more »

You are not alone :)

You are now part of a secret subculture of women in society.  No it’s not a group you dreamed of belonging to, you were more forced into it, but you belong. Did you know infertility affects 1 in 6 couples, totaling over 7 million women, yet over 60% hide the fact that they are struggling... Read more »

Keeping "sane" and all that good stuff...

Welcome to “The Sane Girl’s Guide”, why “sane girl” you ask?  Well because sometimes being a girl can make you crazy! Especially infertility treatments!  I am here to guide you through the bumpy and often detoured journey through IF (that’s short for infertility) and beyond. Once you are diagnosed with infertility (whether yours has a... Read more »
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    I am a wife to the love of my life and best friend, mommy to my Scooter, entrepreneur, infertility consultant and survivor, friend to women I think of as sisters, only daughter, cat lover (and furr mom to my two girls), city dweller, marathoner, fitness instructor, coffee-a-holic, pizza lovin, cookie connoisseur, iTunes junkie, overly organized, sports lover (I-L-L, I-N-I, BEAR Down), superstitious, glass half-full type of girl…who is immensely passionate about all things women’s health – ESPECIALLY infertility and overcoming it!

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