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Postpartum Depression (I think I maybe sorta was a little)

Babies bring so much joy!  They are cuddly little snuggly cutie pies, that also completely flip your world upside down.  Along with my bundle of joy, came periods of extreme anxiety and sleeplessness. I thought “this is normal”, all new moms feel overwhelmed, underslept, and just plain out of it, RIGHT????? After you have a... Read more »

A Marathon of a Journey: How Marathons and IVF are Similar

I love to run, people who know me know I LOVE to run, especially marathons, it makes me ME!  It gives me energy while also calms me down. While going through infertility treatments, I stopped running all together.  I wasn’t allowed to train long distance, and at that point, I wanted to get pregnant so... Read more »

When Are You Going To Get Pregnant (and all the questions that come along with it)

It seems the second you get married, the questions start…(and warning they won’t stop.  They evolve.) -When are you going to get pregnant? -You have been together for a while now (I love it when you get asked that ON your wedding night, it’s like really, let me get through my honeymoon first!!) -Are you... Read more »

Be an advocate for your fertility

Being your own advocate is something that has gotten my attention lately. When it comes to your health, you HAVE to be your own advocate.  Ask questions, and demand the time for them to be answered. With regards to fertility, it’s something I am passionate about.  I want to start talking about women feeling in... Read more »

Words That Describe Infertility

Starting a new tradition – list Wednesday!  Have a suggestion for a list?  Please leave it for me in comments or shoot me a line!  Would love to hear from you! Today’s list – Words That Describe Infertility A few weeks ago, I was skimming through Facebook and stumbled upon this post by Steve Wiens... Read more »

Happy 1st Birthday Shine

What a fantastic first year it’s been! Since my daughter was born, Shine has been my second baby!  I have been living and breathing its development.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since my very first event! Shine’s Launch Event highlighted 6 amazing women (and dear friends of mine) sharing their infertility journey, offering... Read more »

Pissed Off About Fertility Problems

Why can’t I get knocked up like everybody else???  My favorite story “oh I just looked at my husband and got pregnant”.  Really??? cuz I just looked at you and wanted to vomit. I was frustrated A LOT when I was diagnosed with fertility problems and going through treatments.  I was frustrated my body wasn’t... Read more »

The Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting IVF Treatments

I knew before starting IVF treatments, that it was the “big gun” of infertility treatment, with all the meds, monitoring, and mayhem!  But I wish I knew more about the good, the bad, and the ugly!   First I’ll start positive – the good: -you get closer to your partner I have been with my... Read more »

Infertility: Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Infertile

this list is just the start!  I could probably name 100!  have a good one?  leave it in the comments! 1)   you know what the acronyms ART, TTC, 2WW mean 2)   if hearing the words “just relax”, “take a break”, and “baby dust,” make you want to smack somebody 3)   your idea of a good... Read more »

Guest Blogger: Why Waiting Is So Hard

A Sane Girls Guide is excited to introduce a new guest blogger today, Lisa Deck.  Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of the blog Before the Belly – which provides a voice for women struggling with infertility.  She is also an infertility “survivor” and mom to her son. ***** My name is... Read more »