Letters to a New Mom: Coffee Will Get You Through Until It’s Acceptable to Drink Wine

Dear New Mom,

You have probably heard it before, “it’s the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have”.

WOW that the truth.

I’ve only been a mom for 3 years, 3 months, and 2 days, and here is my best advice (to date).

This says it all: “the days are long, the years are short.”

Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things

The first night you bring your baby home, have someone else stay with you besides just you and your husband.  I didn’t and regretted that big time.  Not to scare you but our first night was h-e-l-l.  We hadn’t slept in like 3 days and my daughter didn’t sleep one wink our first night home.  I remember being exhausted, searching on the internet, called the 24 hr nurse hotline at the hospital, everything and anything I could think of to try and get her to stop crying and SLEEP.  Finally 7am came around and we gave in and called my mom sobbing, PLEASE come help us.  Lesson learned, we thought we could be super parents and do it all on our own and we couldn’t.

That was the first way I learned an important lesson: ASK FOR HELP.  There is no need to play superwoman.  It’s ok.  When they say “it takes a village to raise a child”, they aren’t lying.

My next best advice is sorta tied to my first, about asking for help.  TAKE TIME FOR YOU.  I know I am at my best when I have had “me time”.  And my favorite “me time” is out for a run.  I have learned that I have to find time for my runs and my workout to make me a better me and in turn a better mom [and wife, etc].

My next best tidbit is from a parenting blog I started to read called Aha! Parenting by Dr. Laura Markham, her style is all about “peaceful parenting” and taming your “inner parenting critic”.  I get her newsletters in my inbox daily.  She provides grounded tips on parenting from the heart.  Her insight has taught me to breathe, listen, and love.  I love my daughter so much my heart could burst, but she can also make me crazy beyond belief…..my mom’s own advice rings true, “you will always love her, but you may not like her.”

Parenting tests you in every way possible, but I have noticed that when I slow down and really live in the present I enjoy being a parent more, because I can enjoy the little moments with my daughter.  My next advice is find an activity you love to do together.  For my daughter and I, it is our morning breakfasts out at a local diner.  Over pancakes and eggs we connect, talk about anything and everything, draw silly pictures, and just enjoy each others company.

Another great bit of advice LAUGH, laugh at yourself, your kids, nothing makes one happier than a pee your pants laugh session.  I sometimes need to remind myself to not take life so seriously.  Laughing helps!  I have started to write down the silly things that have come out of my daughter’s mouth so I can have little laughable moments to look back on!

coffee til wine

My last bit of advice, is my subtitle.  I LIVE on coffee until it is acceptable to have a glass of wine.  Coffee is my best friend, it greets me in the morning with a smile, and helps me stay happy and energized in the afternoon, just until 5 o’clock hits on the clock and I can enjoy a glass of wine to unwind from the day.  Being a mom is wonderful [and hard] and enjoying these two little “treats” helps me stay happy and calm.


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