My Journey To Being Present, Surviving One Coffee At A Time - My Messy Beautiful

The alarm goes off, and I can smell the coffee brewing, it’s my energy plug for the day.

Most of the time I feel like I am in a constant state of figuring out when and where my next dose of caffeine will come from.

Lately I have been trying really REALLY hard lately to be present, live in the moment.   I’ve been trying to stop my multi-tasking tendencies, and truly focus!

It’s easier said then done.

It takes work, DAILY.

But I’ve realized that it’s made me a better person.

And especially, a better mom.

I’ll admit, I am still working on it, I still get caught checking my phone while out with my daughter.

But I’ve also learned some boundaries for myself.

My best, most focused mom time, where I am truly present, is out to breakfast with my daughter.  It’s our special time.  We have become “regulars” because of our weekly attendance.  It forces me to disconnect from my computer, the emails, my phone, the to-do list, you name it, and just focus on HER.


We color silly pictures, talk about everything and anything, and are forming a bond over pancakes and eggs.

I’ve realized that as I try to be more present, the days that I am not, I lay awake at night reliving the moments of the day that are lost.

But then I snap to and realize that not every day is going to be perfectly present, but what is important is I am trying.

I’ve also realized what helps keep me present.

I need my morning coffee, it helps keep me calm as we go through the tedious task of getting ready in the morning (everything is a process, picking out an outfit, brushing teeth, but with my coffee I can tackle it calmly).

[I also need my mid-morning coffee somedays, and my afternoon coffee, and that’s ok, it’s my little boost during the day that keeps me on my toes.]

I also need some quality “me” time, which usually translates into a workout, especially a run along the lake – it is like a meditation for me.

I now know what I need to be more present for the people and things I love.

I am still a work in progress, but I guess that’s a good thing, always trying to improve!




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