Celebrate National Infertility Awareness Month: My Personal Journey

Infertility – it affects 7.3 million people…that’s as if infertility took over New York City.  That is how big it is!

I write a special post every year to honor to National Infertility Awareness Month.

It is a time to dedicate a post to all those currently dealing with infertility and for those who have overcome their infertility to reflect back, and remember how that time has forever changed you.

When you experience something powerful in your life, like infertility, it leaves a mark with you.  You aren’t the same person that you were before.

And that can be a good thing.

For me, during my journey it was about strength.

This year I will share my journey, as well as the journeys of other strong women who bravely came forward to share their journeys in the hopes to inspire more and more women to come forward and share theirs so that the next women who experience infertility have hundreds and thousands of success stories to motivate them and keep them pushing forward, knowing that it WILL happen!

I’ll admit, sometimes I can be a bit stubborn, especially when it comes to goals and reaching them.  I truly believe that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it.  Getting pregnant and the dream to be a mom however is different.  It is a goal that you can work and work at and still never achieve [without needing help, or rewriting what the journey looks like to reach that goal].

We thought we did everything right.  Got married, worked to feel stable in our careers, lived a healthy lifestyle, and truly waited until we were “ready”.  I stopped taking the pill and we tried [and tried and waited and waited] and nothing happened, no period and no pregnancy.

Things weren’t happening according to “plan”, which for us as type A people wasn’t ok.

We went to go meet with a reproductive endocrinologist to formulate a plan.  I had to get my period coming regularly before we could even discuss trying to get pregnant.

Fast forward one year, FINALLY after every hormone drug you could think of my stubborn period came.  It never stayed, I always had to be stimulated to get it, but once I finally got it we could start talking the next step in the plan, trying to get pregnant.  At this point I was still strong, pushing forward trying to achieve “the goal”.

Fast forward again several months, we had tried several IUI [that came with a cancelled cycle, a failed cycle, and a chemical pregnancy].

After our IUI tries we were starting to feel defeated. I started making back-up plans to our alternative plans, it became obsessive. We decided to move forward with IVF.  IVF felt more serious, there were more drugs, more monitoring appointments, more everything.

I was starting to feel the affects of the two-year plus on this journey.  My body, my mind, everything, my body didn’t feel like me anymore, I was bloated all the time, stressed out, and frustrated.

But we kept pushing forward, and thank god we did, our first IVF attempt was a success.  The moment my doctor called to tell me we were pregnant will be moments that I will remember forever [vividly, down to the very last detail].

It made all the struggles, all the doubt, all the everything worth it.

So if you are reading this, just starting out on your journey, know that the journey maybe hard, it maybe stressful on your mind and body, but you will get there, the path may take a couple different turns, but it will end [you being a mom], and you will be stronger than you ever thought possible before you started!


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