What Can I Do [to make sure this IVF cycle is a success]

What can I do?  I feel we ask that question of ourselves a lot!  What can I do to make it better, what can I eat, do/not do, what alternative medicine practices, to workout or not, how can I de-stress, the list goes on.  All getting to the big question of “what can I do to help insure this fertility cycle works?”

The plan simple answer… nothing.  Whether or not your cycle is going to result in a positive pregnancy is seriously left up to the powers that be.  The medication did it’s job, you went to all your monitoring appointments, your doctor gave you their best advice and protocol and now it’s time to wait.

And that is what is so hard.  We wish there was an answer, for instance, “yes, your transfer will take if you stand on your head for 5 hrs, lay in your bed for days, if you eat only organic vegetables, and don’t indulge in any caffeine or chocolate.”  Because if there was one answer, we would all follow it exactly.

The truth is you can’t beat yourself up over what you can do to insure you’ll get pregnant.  That thought is a huge burden to bear.  All you can do is make sure you are as healthy as you can be to have your body in a place to be ready for pregnancy.  That means a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management (massage, acupuncture, yoga, or mediation), anything that helps calm you and keep you stress free can help you mentally, which can play a huge part.  Going through IVF can be extremely stressful and taxing, the more you can do to be mentally strong and relaxed while going through treatment will help you stay positive and in a good mental place.

Every cycle is different, every month is different.  Your body is ever changing.  Everyone’s individual IVF success rates vary depending on age, ovarian reserve and egg quality, sperm count and quality, and reproductive history.  If you are going through IVF, be confident that you are doing everything you can do to help your cycle be a success.

Keep a positive outlook, remain mentally strong, and trust in the process (I know easier said then done, but you can do it)!



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