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Why Do Women Feel The Need To Judge Each Other (No More Judging)

As women, why are we always judging OTHER women! Especially decisions.  Emotionally charged topics. It seems the more emotionally tied the subject is the more we are judging. ******************** Why are you focusing on her career?  How could you be a stay-at-home mom? Why aren’t you breastfeeding?  How could you use formula? Why wait so... Read more »

Stories That Inspire Us

Sometimes all it takes is an inspiration story to help us remember that there is good in the world, and that people are innately GOOD! Take this story from this past weekend’s Chicago Marathon!  Reading this story pulls at my heartstrings, makes me proud to be a part of the running community, and makes me... Read more »

A Marathon of a Journey: How Marathons and IVF are Similar

I love to run, people who know me know I LOVE to run, especially marathons, it makes me ME!  It gives me energy while also calms me down. While going through infertility treatments, I stopped running all together.  I wasn’t allowed to train long distance, and at that point, I wanted to get pregnant so... Read more »

When Are You Going To Get Pregnant (and all the questions that come along with it)

It seems the second you get married, the questions start…(and warning they won’t stop.  They evolve.) -When are you going to get pregnant? -You have been together for a while now (I love it when you get asked that ON your wedding night, it’s like really, let me get through my honeymoon first!!) -Are you... Read more »