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Happy 1st Birthday Shine

What a fantastic first year it’s been! Since my daughter was born, Shine has been my second baby!  I have been living and breathing its development.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since my very first event! Shine’s Launch Event highlighted 6 amazing women (and dear friends of mine) sharing their infertility journey, offering... Read more »

Being Present

I am constantly trying to be more “present”.  What does being “present” mean to me?  It means concentrating all my energy on ONE something.  People talk about being truly present all the time. That something can be me, like when I go for a run, all I am focused is my breath, my stride, and... Read more »

Only Children: Being One and Raising One

I saw this article on the web this week and was drawn to it. Only Children: Lonely and Selfish? by Lauren Sandler, author of “One and Only”.  She is an only child raising an only child… I am an only child and am now raising an only child.  Immediately I was interested! I NEVER thought... Read more »

Pissed Off About Fertility Problems

Why can’t I get knocked up like everybody else???  My favorite story “oh I just looked at my husband and got pregnant”.  Really??? cuz I just looked at you and wanted to vomit. I was frustrated A LOT when I was diagnosed with fertility problems and going through treatments.  I was frustrated my body wasn’t... Read more »