The Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting IVF Treatments

I knew before starting IVF treatments, that it was the “big gun” of infertility treatment, with all the meds, monitoring, and mayhem!  But I wish I knew more about the good, the bad, and the ugly!


First I’ll start positive – the good:

-you get closer to your partner
I have been with my husband since high school, you name it we’ve been through it, EVERYTHING, I didn’t think it was possible to be any closer, until we started going through our infertility struggle, together.  Infertility is such an intimate subject and process, something you have to attack together.

-you are stronger than you ever thought you were
I considered myself a pretty strong girl.  But I doubted myself a lot too.  As I progressed through treatment, and the meds increased along with the stress on my body, I thought I can do this, I CAN do this!  It made me believe in myself, respect my body (and how strong it was too), and realize I can survive this and be a stronger woman in the end!


Next up – the bad:

-you are at the mercy of your “cycle”
With constant monitoring blood work and ultrasounds, you will feel like you are living at your clinic (and the truth is you probably are).  You feel like you put your life on hold waiting for the next step, procedure, cycle.

-you feel like a science experiment (and you sorta are)
Most likely you will be on a crazy cocktail of meds, all trying to find the delicate balance between follicle size, uterine lining, hormone levels, etc.  I know for me I had to be on quiet the blend just to get a period, let alone get pregnant!  I felt like my day was organized around taking my medications and supplements.


And finally – the ugly:

-the bruising and scaring from the shots
Maybe not everyone experiences this, but I sure did!  I was lucky enough to bruise my ass AND tweak my abdominal muscle somehow – lucky me.

-the bloating
Ugh the bloating – I constantly felt puffy, I gained weight from all the hormones, and felt like I had a giant muffin top of bloat, and generally didn’t feel like myself through out the whole process.

-the emotions from the meds
Yes, you will feel like a crazy person, your husband may seem to think you are PMS’g ALL. THE. TIME.  Co-workers may ask “is everything ok?”, and you snap back “why does something seem wrong?????”.  The barista at the local coffee shop may give you a freebee just to avoid getting yelled at.  Ahh hormones!


Ok back to the good (I don’t want to end on an ugly note) your life WILL go back to normal, you will OVERCOME infertility, but your journey will always be a part of you, and that’s a good thing!


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