Confession: I am superstitious.

Yes, I am that weirdo that will only pick up a penny if it’s HEADS up (and why I even bend down to pick up the penny, that’s a whole other post).

I recently looked up the 13 most common superstitions and sadly I believe in most of them 😉

1) Friday the 13th – I guess I am a little sensitive to this one, but not my worst!

2) no umbrellas inside – yup totally follow this (when I forget I am like AHH I am doomed)

3) cross your fingers – oh ya, totally do this, would cross my toes if I could too

4) make a wish on a wishbone – just like to do this one for fun on Thanksgiving J

5) knock on wood – yup guilty of this one too

6) 666 – this one doesn’t really worry me, maybe cuz I’m not religious?

7) breaking a mirror – I guess what would bother me more is cleaning it up!

8) bad things happen in 3’s – oh ya you know this one, you have 1-2 bad things happen and then it’s like you are waiting for that 3rd one to be the icing on the cake

9) rabbit’s foot – not into this one

10) black cats – not a believer, probably because I am a “cat person” and don’t want to discriminate

11) walking under a ladder – oh totally, definitely never ever walk under a ladder

12) find a penny pick it up… – love this one (as long as heads up)

13) beginner’s luck – sucks if you never have beginner’s luck 🙂


My tendency to be a little superstitious made its way into my infertility.

I had a “lucky” t-shirt while going through infertility and then into my pregnancy.

It was perfect, green AND had a cat on it!  (for those of you that don’t know my favorite color is green, and I am a huge cat person)

Nice huh?

I didn’t plan for it to be a lucky t-shirt, it just happened to become one!  I was deep into my treatment and wore it to one random appointment.  When I got the call for my results, finally I had positive news, so from that moment on it was my “lucky shirt”.

I wore it (no joke) to EVERY appointment (luckily it was during the winter, so usually it was tucked underneath a sweatshirt – didn’t want people to start thinking I only had ONE shirt).  And sure enough, I kept hearing positive news!

I wore it on the day I took my pregnancy test, and got the BEST news ever – I was pregnant!

Me 40 wks pregnant in the infamous lucky shirt

Me 40 wks pregnant in the infamous lucky shirt

That lucky shirt helped me get through infertility and through my pregnancy.

Sometimes you have to cling onto SOMETHING, whether it be a superstition or a silly good luck charm, something to help you believe that the universe is pulling for you!


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  • That's awesome you're not cat-racist.

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